Surveys taylored to your needs.

Whatever size survey, we've got you covered.

Get focused results in real-time

Use semantic analysis to identify issues quickly

Export reports to Powerpoint™, Word™, Excel™, etc.

Apply advanced filters and sorts

Leverage Exposure Index reports provide unique insight

Features that make SurveyNerds a better choice.

Advanced Statistics

SurveyNerds math engine goes far beyond just Means and Averages unlike other online survey tools. Confidence Intervals, Standard Deviations, Leverage Exposure Indexes. Why pay for only half of the picture? SurveyNerds advanced statistics will open your eyes to the full impact of your results.

Superior Reporting

Advanced statistics allows SurveyNerds to produce better, more meaningful reports that are branded to your business. Beyond just filters and sorts, we also allow you to drill deeper into your results. You can also bookmark a report to quickly get you back to that report while keeping the same filter, sorts and settings.

Vendors Welcome

Unlike other online survey businesses, SurveyNerds has offerings that are geared specifically to vendors. SurveyNerds can offer fully managed, dedicated environments for vendors. Please reach out to one of our sales specialists to help identify what offerings meet your companies specific needs.

Semantic Analysis

SurveyNerds provides superior tools for analyzing comments or open-text data. Using our Semantic Analysis engine, SurveyNerds can assist your organization identify potential issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. SurveyNerds has built a series of reports around this analysis that can help save you time while still simplifying the results.

Custom Reports

Despite having a comprehensive suite of reports, we understand there may be times where your business needs require custom reporting. SurveyNerds offers a fully managed service to design custom reports viewable to only you account. An hourly fee would apply while the report is in development.

Import Data

One of the more exciting offerings at SurveyNerds is the ability for customer to upload surveys and audience data into the system for further analysis.